Evangelism Discipleship

Six week class

Join us in January for our evangelism training class to learn how to effectively share your faith. Why do we call it Evangelism Discipleship? Because we believe that evangelism is a spiritual discipline just like Bible study or prayer that all believers should practice in their Christian walk. So not only do we want to instruct you in how to share your faith, we want to pair you with a fellow believer who is already active in sharing their faith so that they can encourage, challenge, and partner with you in spreading the Gospel. We’ll help you overcome the fear of man and teach you how to effectively communicate the Gospel to those around you.

We will study:

  • Our call to evangelism
  • The content of the Gospel
  • The sovereignty of God in salvation
  • Understanding the “modern” gospel
  • Witnessing to false converts
  • The proper use of the personal testimony in evangelism