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The glory of God is His highest priority and the first priority of the church in everything it does.  In corporate worship, we seek to display His glory and give His people an opportunity to respond to Him in praise, gratitude, and submission. Man is only a secondary recipient of blessing in worship.

Oh sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things! His right hand and His holy arm have worked salvation for Him.

Psalm 98:1

Music Ministry Philosophy

  True, God-glorifying worship does not happen by the use of the best techniques, music, or atmosphere, but by the approach to God which Jesus calls worshiping “in spirit and truth” (John 4).  This involves a life and heart that have been regenerated by God through faith in Jesus Christ, resulting in worship that is a genuine external expression of what God has done internally.  God’s Word regularly denounces worship that is merely formal or external.  Worship is an expression of the complete redeemed self, so will involve the emotional and the rational, and will be consistent with the Scriptures.

With these things in view, we also seek to pursue an excellence of skill in corporate worship, knowing that God’s worship is deserving of our best efforts.  Through our corporate worship, we communicate to Him and to the surrounding world what we believe about Him and how much His glory matters.

Our first criteria in selecting music for worship services is lyrical content.  We desire to sing songs that express ideas that are theologically substantial and consistent with Biblical teaching.  We also desire to sing songs that are well-crafted musically, again acknowledging that God deserves our best.
Musical styles constantly change.  We seek to use wisdom and discernment in employing appropriate music in corporate worship, but make no commitments to any particular musical style.  A broader expression of diverse styles allows for a more multifaceted understanding of the church and of the God we worship. We employ old and new music in corporate worship in a “blended” fashion.

“Must we have fights over church music? We should have the best, the most God-centered, the most truthful, the most edifying. But must it all be in one style? Is there nothing to be gained from wide exposure to the company of saints in many parts of the world who have expressed their adoration of the Savior with richness of hymnody we can never exhaust, but which we ignore to our detriment?”
-D.A. Carson, The Cross and Christian Ministry

We seek to provide individuals in the congregation with opportunities to use their musical gifts to glorify God and serve the rest of the congregation.  New members of our praise team, sound team, and media team are being sought after and added regularly.  We currently use a worship team made up of vocals, guitars, keyboard, bass, and drums, though we are hoping to add other types of instrumentalists as well. If you have musical gifts you would like to serve the church with, contact us below.

Listen to “No Savior Like Mine”,  a 10-track album of original songs and hymns written and produced by Darby Hughes, our director of worship.

Enjoy a free download of “Psalm 100”, arranged by Darby Hughes and performed by worship team members Darby Hughes, Kyle Jones, Julie Conley, Wesley Burruss, and Rich McCoy.

You can find the weekly song lists and links to recordings of the worship music we use in our services here.
We offer ongoing classes for children at FCC and in the surrounding community for violin, viola, and cello. Learn more about the program.
Darby Hughes

Darby Hughes

Director of Worship

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