Sundays at Faith

9:00 AM & 11:00 AM

Worship Services

Our two identical worship services meet in the lower school building on the campus of Cherokee Christian School in Woodstock. There is a 30-minute fellowship/transition time between each service from 10:30 – 11:00 AM.

9:30 AM & 11:00 AM

Bible Study Hours

There are classes for all ages of children and youth in both Bible study hours. We also have two mixed-age adult classes in each hour that are based upon a particular Bible book study. See below for details.

Expository Preaching

The highlight of each worship service is the time we devote to the expository preaching of God’s Word. Explaining the intent and meaning of Scripture is the priority of our pulpit ministry. Our Teaching Pastor, Dr. Shane Koehler, is currently leading us through a verse-by-verse exposition of the Gospel of Matthew.

God Exalting Worship

In corporate worship, we seek to display God’s glory and give His people an opportunity to respond to Him in praise, gratitude, and submission through a varied range of musical styles. We aim to cultivate worship that rightly exalts God while humbling and dignifying people by placing them in their right place below Him.

Biblical Discipleship

The central focus of our Sunday Worship Service is cultivating genuine, biblical discipleship among God’s people. We believe that Sunday services are primarily for the purposes of exalting God and edifying the body of believers so that they are equipped and encouraged to faithfully fulfill Christ’s commission in Matthew 28:16-20.

Children & Youth Bible Study Hours

All nursery and children’s classes for newborn through 9 years-old meet in the main lower school building where our worship services are held. Click on the appropriate boxes below for specific classroom locations.

Children ages 3-10 years-old will be using the Generations of Grace curriculum and following the same teaching schedule. This will allow families to know what their children are learning about each week and allow siblings to be learning the same lessons at different levels. Click here to see a sample of the curriculum.

Nursery (Ages 3 & Under)

The nursery check-in kiosk and rooms are in the south wing of the lower school building. If you are facing the entrance to the gym at the hallway intersection just beyond the school lobby, the nursery hall will be to your right. Click here to view the lower school building map with class locations.

children (AGES 4-9)

The children’s classrooms are in the north wing of the lower school building. If you are facing  the entrance to the gym at the hallway intersection just beyond the school lobby, the children’s classrooms will be to your left. Click here to view the lower school building map with class locations.


For the 9:30 AM Bible study hour, all students in 5th-12th grades (ages 10-17 as of September 1st) meet in classrooms on the 2nd floor of the upper school building located at the east end of the campus above the athletic field. For the 11:00 AM Bible study hour, all 5th-12th grade students will meet in the lower school building. Click here to view a map for both Bible study hours.

Adult Bible Study Classes

All of our regular adult Bible study classes typically work through long-term biblical studies. They are comprised of mixed ages ranging from college through senior adults. Feel free to visit each of the classes or simply settle into a study that interests you. Below are the current classes and their respective meeting times and room locations in the lower school building.


Sunday School
Adventure Club
Youth Group
Fostering Faith

9:00 AM Classes

Study: 1 Corinthians
Teacher: Richard Goff
Location: Room 22


Study: Fifty Chapters Every Christian Should Know
Teacher: Drew Lawes
Location: Room 19


Faith en Espanol: 1 Peter
Teacher: Andres Jimenez
Location: Room 2

11:00 AM Classes

Study: Revelation
Teacher: Joel Teague 
Location: Room 22


Study: Matthew
Teacher: Mike Payne
Location: Room 21


Teacher:  Richard Goff
Time:  9:30 AM
Location:  Room 22
1 Corinthians

Teacher:  Drew Lawes
Time:  9:30 AM
Location:  Room 21
Study:  Fifty Chapters…

Teacher:  Andres Jimenez
Time:  9:30 AM
Location:  Room 2
1 Timothy

Teacher:  Mike Payne
Time:  11:00 AM
Location:  Room 21

Teacher:  Joel Teague
Time:  11:00 AM
Location:  Room 22


Sunday Services

Cherokee Christian School
3075 Trickum Road
Woodstock, GA 30188

Church Office

345 Parkway 575
Suite 100
Woodstock, GA 30188

New Church Property

1100 Woodstock Parkway
Woodstock, GA 30188
(Anticipated completion in March/April 2023)